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3 Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Embarking on a New Fitness Journey

Posted by Whitney Hills on 28 November 2016
3 Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Embarking on a New Fitness Journey

When embarking on a fitness journey, there are a few factors to consider before jumping right in. If you want to be successful in adopting long term healthy habits, it's a good idea to make sure that you choosing the right type of exercise routine for you.


First factor: What type of body do you have?

Do you have any injuries or previous injuries/health conditions? Do you have a significant amount of weight to lose? Are you very uncoordinated or unstable?
Injuries may prevent you from doing certain team sports, HIIT, or exercises with impact. Consult with your doctor or sports doctor to get professional advice before attempting activities if you've had injuries.

If you are lacking in the coordination or balance department it may be a good idea to seek the advice of a personal trainer before continuing on to group classes or trying a program on your own. You should have a specific program tailored to your weakness and imbalances. I have had many clients see me for rehab, and then move on to places like F45 once they have the basics.

If you have a lot of weight to lose you may want to consult a doctor about how safe it is to do high impact activities for both your joints and your heart. You can be fit at any size and don't let your weight discourage you.

Second factor: How motivated are you and what turns you on?

If you are a self motivated individual-- congratulations! The fitness world is your oyster. Do whatever you please and have a blast getting fit.

If you are an athlete, consider joining a group to make a more social experience.

If you are somewhat motivated but need a little help, classes might be your thing. Gyms like Goodlife offer unlimited classes as well as F45.  Make a monthly commitment and show up for a killer workout with some guidance. Many of my clients love group spinning and Pilates classes as well. Feel free to reach out to Marina McSherry(LV GoodLife) or Jarret Slaney (F45) and ask them any questions about their classes, schedule or rates.

Having a trainer for program design or once weekly workouts could also be an option, or try small group training. You could form a group with reliable friends to meet up for weekly workout sessions, where you hold each other accountable. There are many online nutrition/fitness groups to keep you in check as well. Setting a goal (such as a marathon or obstacle race) will increase your chances of staying on track, and there's nothing better for self esteem than smashing a personal goal.

If you really don't enjoy the gym, its probably a good idea to find a professional to help you out, especially if you get easily discouraged or are a long way from your goal. I have some clients that I message almost daily to keep motivated. There's nothing wrong with needing and asking for extra help to help you succeed. If you just hate the gym in general, find an activity that you enjoy, whether it be hiking, biking, or pokemon hunting, Toronto has many options.

Third factor: What are your goals?

If you are an athlete or have a specific goal, train to compliment your sport. I work with marathon runners on mobility, stretching, and balancing out muscle strength and tightness. Obviously a HIIT would probably not be the best option for a runner that already has a lot of stress on their joints.

If you just want to get to the gym 3 times a week, schedule it into your planner so that you have no excuses and tell others about your plans to hold you accountable. You can even make online weight loss bets with others across the world. Some people have the simple goal of wanting to feel better mentally-- plan to add yoga to your routine as one of your workouts.

If you have an event that you want to look amazing for, I would suggest group fitness that will hold you accountable, like the Hourglass Workout, or finding a trainer that will track your progress with photos and help you with a nutrition plan. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing happy brides and bridesmaids!

Bonus info:

Check out my blog for info on good snack choices, selecting a protein powder, great core exercises and more! www.whitneyhills.blogspot.com

My number one piece of fitness/nutrition advice: Be both consistent and  patient. We all have a lot of life to live. Don't be upset if your goals take longer than expected. It took me 8 years to get the body and habits that I wanted, and it was totally worth all of the work.  Now I've established good  habits that will last for decades!  Keep pushing yourself, and don't be too disappointed if goals take more than a year. Fitness is a lifestyle.

Author:Whitney Hills
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