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Kids of Liberty Village Make a Difference!

Posted by Saida Zakrzewski on 16 July 2018
Kids of Liberty Village Make a Difference!

Kids Can Make A Difference Too!

I want to thank Jagger Long, the founder of Liberty Village CARES initiatives, for hosting a special event
with support from our amazing community and local businesses such as Freshii, Williams Landing, and Metro. 
We had 19 kids and almost just as many families come together to make Freshii Energy Bites for
Strachan House, our local homeless shelter. The event was a great success! Not only did Strachan House receive
500 delicious energy bites to feed the homeless, but it also brought families in the community together for a good cause.

You can view many exciting pictures from this event by visiting this link: 

The excitement and sense of purpose was palpable, and I knew that it was just the beginning of our relationship with LVCARES!

The Liberty Village CARES community group continues their charitable acts of kindness in the Liberty Village area
and is currently raising money and awareness for cancer research by hosting their 3rd annual Terry Fox Run.
This year's Terry Fox run will be held at 9:30am on Sunday September 16th, 2018 in Liberty Village Park.
There are many options for this event that make it fun for all, including a 3km family/dog walk and bike ride, plus the
option of 5km or 10km for people who want to challenge a run! Liberty Kids is thrilled to support this cause and to
continue bringing our community together. We are also looking forward to the enthusiasm and excitement
Liberty Village kids, parents and family members create when we get together.

We are inviting all family and kids to get involved with the 2018 Liberty Village Terry Fox team by joining, or sponsoring our team.
Your support will positively impact the lives of many people affected by cancer.

We are also proud to announce that See & Be Seen Eyecare have offered to match 10% of the total funds raised
by the Liberty Village Terry Fix Run (up to $5,000). 

The earlier you get involved, the more fun and success our community will have!   http://www.terryfox.ca/libertykids

Saida Zakrzewski, RECE

Author: Saida Zakrzewski
About: Supervisor/Owner Liberty Kids saida@libertykidsplay.com
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