Help Give Back This Christmas

Goal is to sell 50 Metro Cards!

Mike - the GM at Metro - has abig heart for supporting Liberty Village CARES initiatives. Not only does he say "YES" to any idea I share with him, he often offers a bigger contribution.
I invited Mike to participate in a vision I have where we buy $100 Gift Cards from various LVCARES business partners for only $50. We would sell the gift cards for $100 with $50 of each card going towards buing Christmas Gifts for the homeless.  Mike asked how many I would like and I told him "5 is great, 10 is a bonus" and I mentioned that I would like to get 50 in total from local businesses.

Being the amazing, kind supporter he is, he offered me 25 and said, "if can make it 50 total we can do that as well for you!"  The LVCARES family are very lucky to have Mike and his team at Metro be so invovled with our initiatives and believe in everything we do!

If you would like to purchase a Metro $100 Gift Card for $100 understanding that $50 of your $100 spent will go towards buying Christmas gifts for the homeless, please CLICK the button below and make a comment on our Facebook group post!   MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends :)


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