Our Definition of "CARES"

Local businesses and entrepreneurs have a vested interest in the community and are an essential part for success of community development. LVCARES is committed to enriching the relationships between local businesses and residents of Liberty Village to make our living experience more informative and personal.
Meet your neighbours, make new friends, and even be part of making a difference in the world! We are committed to hosting a variety of events from group sporting events, fitness excursions and fundraisers. There are so many cool events happening around the neighbourhood and we encourage you to check them out!
We believe that it is everyone's responsibility to Give Back to the world. We are dedicated to creating ongoing initiatives for you to participate and volunteer. Feed the homeless, join various fundraising socials, sign up for our Terry Fox Run and help organize any of our events are ways you can make a difference with LVCARES.
We live in the generation where Social Media outlets are a part of our every day lives. Read a blog and make a comment, submit photos for Instagram and our Gallery, enter Business Giveaways on Facebook, or read cool, inspiring tweets. We encourage and support only positive and polite engagement.

A smile goes a long way and can have a tremendous impact on people's days and lives. We motivate and challenge everyone to express themselves with a welcoming and happy smile every chance you get, not just in Liberty Village, but everywhere you go in life!


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