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An interview with Shannon Butler, Strachan House Supervisor

1. When was Strachan House first established and what was the location?

Strachan House opened in 1996.  Strachan House opened to replace Street City when it closed.  It was located originally on Cherry St.

Strachan has always been located in the King and Strachan area.

2. What kind of services do Strachan House provide?

Strachan House houses the hardest to house homeless individuals.  Most of our clients have complex needs, and have either addiction and or mental health issues.  Our clients have no other housing options.

3. Share with us some of the Volunteer opportunities Strachan House offers Liberty Village residents.

We are always looking for volunteers to assist with programs.  We are also looking for volunteers that can cook and provide meal supports.

4. Why did you decide to work with Strachan House?

Each event that volunteers participate in our memorable.  I know for instance we had a group of young teenagers who came to serve a meal, and they were so kind and thoughtful.  They were humbled and thankful for the experience to help others.  A couple of the students continued to volunteer on their own time.

6. Why do feel its important for people to volunteer in their free time?

I think volunteering is important because it helps not only the organization but also the volunteer.  It provides a working relationship of personal growth and development of the volunteer.  It allows a volunteer to be able to do something outside of their everyday routine and give back to those that are less fortunate.

7. What place or event was a favourite for you where you yourself volunteered your time to give back?

I volunteered with youth in a community centre, and on mother's day they showed up at the community centre with cards and flowers thanking me for all the respect and guidance I had given them. We do not often realize the difference we are making in others lives when we are volunteering our time.

Time is the best investment you can give to anyone.  Showing the commitment to others is a gift that cannot be replaced.

8. What is your favourite or most inspiring quote and why?

The small acts of kindness everyday are what measure success.

9. What does Liberty Village CARES mean to you?

Since we have been receiving the wonderful support of LVC the clients have enjoyed all the benefits.  They have had access to a lot of warm clothing, towels and toiletries.  They have had pizza parties, and wonderful holiday meals.  Clients have compliments how loving, and kind the volunteers were with them.


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