Life in Liberty

With Adriana Girardi, Gregor Davidson and their son Max

Adriana Girardi and Gregor Davidson moved to Liberty Village in October 2010 from a condo at King and Shaw, where they lived for nine years and fell in love with the King West area. With plans for a family in their future, the couple wanted more square footage and Liberty Village provided them that opportunity.

We interviewed Adriana and Gregor to find out what it's like to raise a family in Liberty Village. We discovered their favourite shops, what they like to do for fun with their son Max and some other goodies about our thriving community.

Q: What are some of the positives of raising a family in Liberty Village?

A: We have access to a lot of amazing events and amenities such as Trinity Bellwoods Park and Fort York. And it's nice to have very accessible transit. We've met many other families in the area and can easily plan or meet up for impromptu play dates.

Q: Name a couple interesting things you do with the kids around LV?

A: Simple everyday things, like going to any one of the playgrounds or splash pad, and we love to go to the Aroma patio for a treat. Every year we go to the CNE at least a couple times and the Harbourfront always has something going on. We love being down there on the long weekends.

Q: What's your go-to spot for grocery shopping and why?

A: No Frills at Dundas and Landsdowne is really organized and inexpensive, but Metro is so convenient in a pinch.

Q: What's your favourite restaurant and stores in LV and why?

A: We spend so many afternoons at Aroma for a light lunch and coffee, but we LOVE Merci Mon Ami in the Liberty Market. Love Me Do is great for gift items. Linda and her staff are very welcoming.

Q: There are a number of coffee shops and patios around here. Which one is your favourite and why?

A: We keep saying Aroma, but we spend so much time there it's hard not to. But Max's favourite is The Local. He's all over that bocce pit.

Q: What's your favourite brunch spot and/or food delivery in Liberty Village?

A. Mildred's and School are brunch staples. The take out from the Thai Room is delicious.

Q: What has impressed you the most with raising a family in Liberty Village?

A: It's incredible how many families have moved here in the last six years. Our property manager said there were over 40 kids in our building alone. We've had some epic sessions in that little playground and the buildings have some cool amenities as well. We swim in our building all the time and bowl in one of the others. The party rooms have hosted some awesome birthday parties, always with a princess or some sort of super hero. The convenience of LV even extends to its kids.

Q: What do you love most about living here?

A: Gregor loves going to sporting events and they're all around us. It's so nice for both of us to be able to be able to walk down to the amphitheater for the best music or up to Queen Street for the coolest shopping. What isn't there to love?

Q: What message would you like to share with families who are considering moving to Liberty Village?

A: The community has grown immensely over the past five years, as people are deciding to stay and raise their family. At one time there was a small hand full of children at the park and today it's so much fun to go to there and see a dozen children playing. Families help diversify the community, and it's this diversification that's transforming Liberty Village into a tight community. There can be something for people of all ages. The goal will be to consider all ages during the growth and evolution of Liberty Village.


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