Life in Liberty: Chris Fraser, Partner of Moveable Inc and Co-Founder of LVBIA

Q: When did you move to Liberty Village?

I moved to work as a partner at Moveable Type in Liberty Village in 1999.  Moveable Type was launched in Liberty Village, in the Toronto Carpet Factory in 1983.

Q: What were some of the main reasons for working in LV?

Liberty Village has always been a magnet for creative people. Working in a brick and beam building in Liberty is a real attraction. And Liberty Village has a "new energy" unlike anywhere in Toronto.

Q: What has impressed you most about working here?

Liberty Village is a great "creative collision zone" attracting youthful energy to an area that a lot of people want to move into. Most of the buildings in Liberty West have only one elevator so people working within get to know each other. And because of the train tracks, Liberty Village feels like its contained for all who have found it to enjoy.

Q: What are your favourite stores to shop at in LV and why?

For The Love of Cake is a perennial favorite.  Thank you to Home Hardware for moving to Liberty.  And Metro and the LCBO/Beer Boutique make it easy to plan a great weekend.

Q: What's your favourite restaurants in LV and why?

Mildred's Temple and Caffino's are fine dining at its best in Liberty Village.  Brazenhead is a really warm place to enjoy pub food.

Q: What's your favourite food and pizza delivery in LV?

Buttermilk pancakes at Mildred's Temple are addictive.  Ciao Europa Café's Tuesday night pizza is great.  For The Love of Cake cupcakes are hard to resist.

Q: Share with us a few advantages you experience life in Liberty?

While I don't live in Liberty and just work here, I hear consistently from people who live in "the Village beside the City" location is a real benefit. It's a twenty minute walk from the core.  The other real benefit is that it is an easy and great area to walk around in.

Q: Do you have any grocery shopping tips to share with us?

Get out and support local merchants who need all the dollars from residents and all who work in Liberty.

Q: What's your favourite thing to do or place to chill at?

Both Mildred's and Caffinos are great places to relax and enjoy a fine meal. Chilling beside the fireplace at Brazenheads is a great way to end the day. All of the outside patios in Liberty Village are great places to enjoy the "great outside."

Q: Share with us a favourite memory of working here.

Helping create and organize "Give Me Liberty." Getting together to participate in the Terry Fox Run. Working with great artists to create and launch the BenchMARK program in Liberty.

Q: What would like to say to those who are considering moving to LV?

Welcome to Liberty. Take time to enjoy the area and be sure to take "liberty in Liberty."


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