Suzanne Gardner Flowers - LVCARES Featured Business November 2016

Business Owner Name:

Suzanne Gardner

Business Open Date:

October 1996

1. Tell us something about yourself and why are you passionate about your business.

LOVE FLOWERS and the Joy it brings to so many special Occasions

2. Why did you decide to start a business specifically n Liberty Village?

We started our Journey here in the Village back when the beautiful old warehouses were filled with Artist Studios. There was a different vibe back then.

3. Tell us a cool or interesting fact about your business most people are probably not aware of.

From Season to Season we share the beauty of nature to fill your home.

4. What have you learned about yourself about owning and operating your own business?

It's been a labor of love and certainly passion.

6. What are some of your favourite spots to eat and shop in Liberty Village?

Liberty Market Building has some of the most amazing small business Entrepreneurs. All very hard working with a vision.

7. Why is it important for you to Give Back to the community?

Liberty Village has grown into a work live community. We are all fortunate to be part of. We also live in a  pretty diverse area. Bordering on Parkdale CAMH is not too far away. Paying it Forward Supporting Community Events is something as a small business we are passionate about.

8. Do you have other hobbies outside of work and when you go home?

I now live in the country with my husband where we enjoy nature. We breed and show CKC Registered Samoyeds under Kyser Bearr Samoyeds Prefix.
Enjoying our horses which we ride for our own pleasure. Also very involved in Samoyed Rescue.

9. Share with us your favourite movies, TV shows, books or even a cool hobby you may have.

We enjoy dog sledding skijoring lure coursing and hiking with our dogs.
Favorite downtime is watching the Toronto Raptors.

10. What does Liberty Village CARES mean to you?

Sense of Community and giving back. Being part of a Community that supports small business in turn paying it forward to those that have less.

11. Is there any cool, interesting facts about Liberty Village you want to share that you think others may not know?

The old warehouses that still stand today are converted into work /live spaces. Do you know what were they used for during the 2nd world war?  When the men went off to war the woman worked the factories. Liberty Market Building was used for Artillery.

Suzanne Gardner Flowers is located at Suite 157 - 171 East Liberty

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