A Buffet Breakfast Social for the Kids, Families & Friends of LV!

Above: Liberty Village's very own Avery & Evette Sucipto-Low :)

LVCARES, in partnership with Williams Landing, is hosting a special monthly event for the kids & families of Liberty Village! Friends of the community can also join if they are thrilled to hang out  and be around the amazing energy of the kids in our neighbourhood!

Cost: *Adults only $15/person 
*Kids 8 years and under are FREE
*Kids over 8 years of age only $8

Dates: Jan 26th & Feb 23rd & Mar 23rd plus April 13th will be special Easter event!

Time: 10:00-11:30am  *This initiative is a community social so please arrive as early as you can.

Food: Bacon, eggs, homefries, toast, fruit, coffee/tea and juice. *We will discuss adding more food items

To keep cost low and more inviting, Williams Landing is including tax in the prices above!
They also do not expect tips to be added and are just happy to bring families together.
You can pay extra if you desire however it is not expected.
All we ask is that families be respectful for cooking preparations and let us know you are coming each month!  PLease CLICK the button below to sign up for next months "Kids & Family Buffet" event!
reserve your spots today!


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