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Jagger Long

Visionary Leader for Liberty Village CARES

Hello neighbours!  I grew up just outside the small town of Arthur, Ontario and when I was about 10 years old, I had to quit hockey because both my parents were working the night shift. My team Captains family, who owned a local business, invited me to spend nights with them after school the days we had hockey.  I spent 2-4 nights a week with this family, sometimes entire weekends, for 2 years.  During my time with the Rooney family, I went from an all D student to an all B student and from worst player on the team top 6 scorers.  Recently I went to visit the family whom I havent seen in 20 years. I told them how grateful I was for what they did for me and how I credit them for all the work I did in the world as a Youth Worker assisiting homeless and mentally challenged. The Fathers reply back to me was simple, yet incredibly powerful and taught me another wonderful lesson in life - so casually he said, "We were just doing what was right." They werent trying to 'save' a troubled kid, they never knew much about me...they were just helping me get to the rink and let me play hockey with all the other boys.  They were like Angels who came into my life and taught me beauty of Compassion.

Reading books on Buddhism/Spirituality, Meditating and going to Yoga has also had a tremendous impact on my life. They taught me things I never even considered before, such as integrity, honesty, gratitude, awareness, trust, kindness and Karma.  When I finally understood all of this, life began to make more sense.  I do what I do each day because I believe its our responsibility and purpose in life to give back and "do the right thing," - just like what the Rooney family did for me.

Please dont be shy, introduce yourself and share with me any fun ideas you have on ways to give back and make Liberty Village a cooler and more caring place to live!

Astrid Sucipto-Low

Web Consultant, Mom & Community All Star

Astrid grew up with the most selfless and generous parents, who have spent most of their adult lives taking care of others and giving back to the community, from feeding the homeless at soup kitchens and on the streets of Toronto, to visiting the elderly and sick people in the hospitals. Now a mom herself, Astrid wants to set the same example to her girls that her parents set for her. She would like to instill the importance and value of community to her girls from a very young age, and for them to grow up as kind, generous and selfless individuals.

Astrid and her husband moved to Liberty Village in 2013 to start a family here. She has seen the number of families grow in LV since then and sees this community as a great place to raise her kids. She would like to see the community continue to grow as a family-friendly environment to attract more families to the area.

As a business owner, Astrid is a supporter of local businesses and would like nothing more than to see businesses in Liberty Village thrive and succeed, and to see them support one another and the various charities in the community. It was amazing to see the support received for Liberty Village's inaugural Terry Fox Run this past September from many of LV's local businesses and neighbours. This amount of support speaks volume about the Liberty Village community.

She's happy to be part of the LVCARES family whose mission is to continue to develop the community into an amazing place to live!

Meg Marshall

Honourary Member and Superstar Supporter

Meg Marshall has a tremendous passion for community development!  Meg works full time as the Community Coordinator for Liberty Village BIA and her contagious spark for life is creating a positive impact on the relationship building of both businesses and residents in Liberty Village. 

She loves riding her horse on her free time, is a fashion and culture enthusiast, loves to travel and a huge supporter of LVCARES.

We are happy to consider her part of our family!  We are equally excited to meet and work with fellow Liberty Villagers who share Meg's enthusiasm towards community development and Liberty Village CARES.


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